Climate change

dolphin-animal-beautiful-beauty-clouds-dolphin-dolphins-gloden-lovely-mammal-nature-ocean-peaceful-photography-pretty-rays-reflection-sea-silhouette-sky-splendor-sun-sunlight-suI know that climate change has not been a major point in the current political debate. But, this is one of the strengths of the liberal part, and we should play by our strengths.

After reflecting on the metaphysical and biological content of nature, I think we should also come up with some practical ideas.

If we zoom in on the ideological content of climate change, in the light of an Empedochlean understanding. Nature has to be set free in a way that it will seek harmony. Harmony is about balance of the different factors, and purity. A simple ecosystem has a better chance of working than a complex ecosystem. So what we need to find is places where nature has been left alone and not meddled with. Like the natural parks. These all sit in remote areas where people have a hard time coming to.

We should build on that idea and make more natural parks, where it is possible. And not only natural parks on ground, but also in the sea.

The good thing about natural parks is also, that people can go there and be inspired about nature.

One thing is to talk about it endlessly, another thing is for people to see it with their own eyes.

One last thing, that I think is a problem, and that is with no comparative data to support it, is the vast pollution of the Pacific Ocean. There is a lot of plastic floating around in the sea, and it is a huge problem for many living species. Turtles, fish, perhaps even some of the flora.

This I am not expert in, but there have been attempts on recovering and rinsing the Pacific through different means. That would be a good project to work on.

G-d bless the will to be the caretaker of nature.

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