When we are confronted with the chaos and the insecurity of a world that seems to lack meaning, it can be a good thing to take a step back and truly understand what we are good at, us humans.

One of the problems of the Socialist revolution, was, that we forgot one very important thing from religion, what religion is truly about; finding meaning.

What is meaning? Meaning is to understand what is good. in socialist societies the rejection of G-d has taken this basic tool away from us, and the result is a world where we are reduced to animals. We do not strive for anything better, we just go on our daily businesses doing what we are supposed to do. We are, as Weber says, repeating the moves of protestantism, but the idea; that we work for the good of spirit is lost to us. At least this is how it is in Scandinavia and perhaps in some of the Anglo – Saxon world too.

This is what gives us humanity; to strive for something good. If you take it away, life becomes meaningless.

Probably there was a deeper idea in the theory of Marx and Engels, and I do believe that many of the principles are good. But to take away G-d in an equation is not good.

Maybe it is time we started looking for good again, not the superficial good, or the easy good. But the true good of our societies.

What is really good for the citizens of Europe for example, what do they need?

What is good for the Middle East, what does it need?

What is good for the planet, the rising child, the new dawn of man?

These questions could be asked, and perhaps not all answers are easy to swallow, the Brexit was one of them. But instead of pointing fingers, maybe it is time to look ahead, and take some of those difficult questions and answer them honestly.

Honesty takes courage, we need to build that courage now addressing the problems we encounter.

G-d bless the peace we are loosing, but will win again.

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