The Brits

4_invadersa.originalIt is hard to predict the future the saying goes. But let us have a look at what is going on the UK now, and the potentail ramifications for the rest of EU and of cause for the English.

First of all, things seem to wheel off from the EU mainstream, immediately. It is like the Brits can’t wait to get the shackles off, and get going. They talk about the promises they made, and how to react to it. These are serious gamechangers.

Secondly, if we truly look at the perspective of a rebounding UK, there are, in those cards the potential for a reemerging superpower. UK has connections to all its former empire partners, and is still seen as the leading light in terms of philosophy, new ideas and political savvy.

Go to China and see how they revere the UK.

So looking a bit ahead, I think there is a good chance that the Brits will once again roam the seas on their viking vessel, though this time a bit more sophisticated than a thousand years ago.

But, all hail to the Brits, may you live and prosper!

G-d bless the fair islands of the Brits.

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