The EU

To understand what is truly going on Europe right now, we should also look a little of the roots of the Union, that is method wise.

I read a lot of books on magic, I know many people think this is weird and probably occult in some way. But to me, after having read Jung, I realised that the roots of psychology is the magical tradition of hermetism, Kabbalah and so on. The discussion of magic is really where a lot of the groundbreaking ideas come from. Things that are then going mainstream under different forms. NLP is one of them, there is a lot of Kabbalah in the music industry as well, and so on.

Back to the EU. EU uses magic in a convoluted and warped form. Magic is often the use of spells, specific words and so on. The EU uses this in abundance, power words as; integration, islamophobia, Brexit. They probably do not know that they are using a form of magic, but just sees it as tools of statecraft that they can use steering the public in certain ways.

This is really the problem. You cannot use black magic, if you want to steer the way onto a path of light. It is black magic, if you use spell casting to your own advantage and not to the advantage of good.

Black magic is perhaps an arcane word, but you get my idea, right?

Acting behind closed doors, using manipulation to steer the general populace onto a specific path that you see as good, does not work in the 21 century. In these internet times, openess, honesty and the fight against injustice is really the best path.

We are the warriors of light, and therefore, by the grace of spirit, do we stand by the little man, the persecuted, the left behind. We stand for openess and trust. If the tyrants and sons of darkness veer their evil heads, we will fight it.

I know that the EU does not see itself as evil, but if you manipulate, use black magic, and hide behind closed then you are, well; evil.

G-d bless the light of the creator.

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