The highlanders

Scottish-flag_2109121aNow there are pitfalls for Great Britain, and there are potential benefits for the realm of the sovereign nation of the Brits.

First of all, there seems to be a great threat in the composure of the highlanders against the rest. With the usual Celtic highlander spirit the great clans are not greedy, and yet not satisfied either.

Scotland is the land of the Picts, and though it has been long gone, the days of the druids and holy water, the unique cultural difference is still there.

We, vikings has dispelled celts from all of Europe, and as a consequence there is still bitterness.

But we as who hail from the strong G-ds, do also understand some of power and the beauty of the celtic spirit. We may not take it all in, but the bonny tale of the young hero is something I believe, we have learned a bit from.

But now we need to work together again, and that will only mean one thing; understanding across the threshold of cultural differences, to be open to strengths of each culture, to meet on common ground.

Lest all the differences will grow into war.

So I believe, that the way forward now, is to meet with openness and trust. We know that the Scots dreams of indepence and freedom, but let us be honest. This dream is unrealistic in its true sense. There is no way that the Celts will inhabit all of Europe again. That time is over.

But there is a possibility to throw down the axe, and make peace. For now, until the great highlanders agree to fight again. Let us hope, they find a worthy foe, someone, that truly wants to kill them. Because we do not anymore, we are long passed that point.

G-d bless the Celts, and may they live and prosper.

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