Ok, let us stop the panic, there is no such thing as at major crisis. Let us put things in perspective. For at about forty years the European Union has expanded incrementally, one little step at a time.

This has been done, mostly, with absolutely no care about what the citizens of the European Union thought about it. Perhaps the bureaucrats and the political elite thought that they could somehow talk people into the ideas after it was there; fake it until you make it, seems to be the idea.

Well, politics is not Hollywood, it is the thin glacing over war. If you do not play your cards wisely, you will be killed, or someone else will be killed. The actions you do, will end up giving you a boon or a basket. Either will be your crown or demise.

You take chances, as the elite has done with the European Union, and you either win or loose. All is not lost yet, but it is pretty clear that all can be lost, due to the fact, that you may be good at manipulating people into accepting your premises, but such behaviour does neither breed nor attract good leaders. Good leaders are where there are challenges and ethics. Because good leadership is based on ethics.

Is it possible to change the tide?

Well, I do not know, and, honestly I do not care much. It is not my project, I have never liked it due to the dishonest content, and I see it more as a problem for Europe than a problem solver, at least seen from the perspective of Denmark. We have gained nothing and payed a lot. To the point where Denmark seems to stop existing.

Things will have go on its way, and perhaps someone will pick up the pieces, but why? What is really the basic idea?

It all just seems altmodisch and very little connected to the fight for freedom and justice. My grandparents idea of a just world, based on the experiences of the second world war.

It is over, long forgotten, the second world war, and we are standing on the brink of the third world war. The war of the western democracies against islamism. That is my priority, and an ancient hegemonic structure to wheel in European Nationsstates so that they do not fight each other, does not meet the demands of the current threat. At the contrary it hinders it.

But, let us at least be careful not to be too angry at each other, at least in the Conservative camp. We have a fight to fight, and a another day to win. Because the rules are new, and the enemies novel.

G-d bless the peace that we hopefully will find in the end.

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