Good and evil

These days at the Lambeth conference, we discuss the idea of allowing gays and lesbians to be consecrated into marriage.

That is a difficult discussion, and hopefully, the conference will come to a conclusion without too much conflict.

The whole debacle stems from a discussion on woke, that see gays as a minority, that, among other minorities, should be protected.

This is an attempt at laying out the essence of the discussion to, hopefully, shed some light on the issue from an ethical perspective.

It all comes down to cultural marxism, that is the root of woke.

Cultural marxism was a branch of marxism that bloomed in Carl Marx own home country Germany, and has a lot of quality in terms of theoretical level. It is truly high level theories.

Some of the leading lights of that development was the German jew Adorno and his friend Horkheimer.

What is really going on? Well, the German marxist had to flee Germany in the Second World War, having seen the mass hysteria of Nazism. So, in essence, woke is a counter theory against nazism.

The minorities that woke see as supposed to be supported are those groups that were persecuted in the Second World War. People who didn’t fit in, and ruined the supposed health of the German Volk.

Jews, gays, handicapped persons and so on, and so forth.

This is really what wokeism is doing, it tries to find a counterpoint to nazism, by supporting those who nazism persecuted.

No, don’t get me wrong. I am VERY close to this idea. I fact, I am almost a copy of Adorno. I am myself a jewish scholar, who came from a marxist mould.

BUT, and this is where I disagree with woke. I do not think, that good is necessarily the opposite of what nazism see as good. In fact, I believe, that good in enligthenment, humanism, platonism, as described in the Bible and other good philososphical texts.

This does not mean, that we should not protect minorities, but we should not forget our humanity in the process. In fact, Adorno is quite clear about his stance, he sees humanism and enligthenment as good, as THE aim. Enligthenment is the opposite of cancel culture, because enlightenment is being true and giving space for truth.

This is forgotten today, where woke seems to have been cut off from the root.

In fact, what religions does, ideally is not simple, it is a flexible aim, that seek to find what is good in a situation.

Evil comes in many, many, many forms. It came in nazism, no doubt about that, but it has other ways. One of them, is tyranny, other is abuse. You can have tyranny and abuse in other areas of life than just minorities.

Understanding, that evil has many ways and not just one, is important, to be able to make a good world.

Because, as Adorno actually say, that is the aim. To create a good world.

G-d bless the will to find peace, and unity across the different parts of the church.

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