If you do not understand the basis of socialism, you will not create a better society, but a worse society. Just going bananas trying to enforce ideas, that in the past have not worked, will not get socialdemocratism anywhere, it will only lead to tyranny.

Tyranny being the state of society that is the effect of a system that does not work, and therefor tries to enforce its rule on people.

You can only have freedom, if you have a system that will give people that freedom. To make a system that gives people freedom, you need to have good, solid rules to go by. Like justice, freedom, equality.

To make this, you need to understand the ideas that rule any kind of society, otherwise what is the aim of the revolution anyway?

One of the ideas, that people seem to have forgotten and is pretty vital to socialism is progressive tax.

It is an idea, that Democritus, the ancient philosopher made, and it aims at creating equality in society.

So, what is the effect of equality? According to Democritus it is happiness.

Happiness is the aim of any society.

That is the path we need to find, the path to happiness. Not the path to destruction and misery.

G-d bless the will of finding a good way.

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