Happy birthday

0521-dome-netanyahuWhen you lead someone, all actions are compromises. Compromises on the interests you represent. When you lead a place like Israel, this can be like a steering in the middle of a typhoon. You have to stay calm, be honest, strong and wise for all of those you represent.

This is, at best, very difficult, at worst almost impossible. But in the hours of danger, there was one who foresaw and represented his people in the best possible way. That was you Mr. Netanyahu. Strong, unbending and yet with that great heart of the Jews. Often people disregard or do not understand Jews. Well, it is not so difficult. Jews are just Liberals, most of them. There are conservatives, but this is not in a judgemental or stiff way. Usually just people who wish to defend and support Israel.

If people would just see Jews as we are, the world would be so much different.

This is your birthday, and often we use this day to meet with friends and share bread. This is your luck, you can do that. Because you live in an amazing culture, where people love each other, and feel a strong connection, be it small or large.

I have this weird role in all this, and I hope one day we could meet. Not just to meet, but to understand the task of Israel. This is it, this is zionism. To bring forth a world of hope and justice. To serve the interest of that idea and dream.

This is what we share, and I toast you. May you live to see your great grandchildren in Israel. See them happy with smiles on their faces. Protected by your strong arm, and your intelligence. Because this is all we live for; to bring a better world to our children, so that one day all of the Jews can have peace.

G-d bless the will to be strong and intelligent in the face of all the threats to Israel.

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