Hope for Change

Democrats need to find themselves before the next election battle. This is a little core story, that might help you in this regard.

A few years back one of my friends dad passed away in a funeral pyre on the ocean. He was one of those old hippies that built the free cities of Christiania and Thy lejren, the first free hippie city of Denmark.

He was a wizard, literally. He had this old wizards hat, and when my friend had her first born child, he giftet her a magic crystal ball. He named her after a star, so he figured that such a little star could use a little magic, I guess.

Anyway, when he went away I had the supreme honour to pick a few books from his library. A library of a magician is vast, huge, filled with all kinds of books on politics, magical ideas and so on and so forth. Filled.

I picked through all the books, and found a little treasure, that I will share with you here.

You see, when socialism was young, in France. And when those iconic words of freedom, equality and brotherhood was coined, there was this old magician in France that was a kind of the “first socialist” priest.

He was originally a catholic priest, but as time went by, and the revolution unfolded, he was swept by the tide, and tried to help as best as he could.

He wrote a little book called “Famine”. He wanted to tell the aristocracy about the hunger of the people. They didn’t know.

He had his heart in the caring of those who had little, and in his eyes socialism was about that. Caring for those who have little.

The point is, there IS a spiritual outset of socialism, that socialism has forgotten.

Yes, there are good signs in US with mr. Barack Obama and his spiritual socialism. But that is all for now.

But that is the path, as Eliphas Levi saw it, that Socialism was supposed to journey down on, that of helping and caring for those with little.

AND mind you, it is a spiritual process.

Find faith in that, and there is hope for Change.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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