How do we keep Israel safe?

Well we have to talk a little about the prospects of making a new Israel.

When we finally end this war, we also have to talk about how to make a new political climate. The Unity we have found is really important to make, has to be the basic norm.

I know, that when you have three Jews in the room, there will always be five opinions.

The thing however is the fact, that we just cannot survive internal division at the scale that we saw before the 7 October.

We need to find a way to be in disagreement without making these deep divisions.

I do not think it is about the political system. The Knesset is modeled over the Danish Folketing, and here we have all kinds of constellations, all the time. Israel has had the same.

It is about a culture awareness of the threat we are living under and being able to stay vigilant.

Really it is about having royalty reinstated in Israel. I know, that this may sound pretty otherworldly.

But the FUNCTION of a royal house of Israel will be to keep the peace, but also be vigilant, so that we avoid another 7 October.

How on earth we are going to get that done, I have absolutely no idea. And yes, I may be the main contender to the position. But going from being a blogger in Denmark to the king of Israel is a pretty long way to go.

But that is really the most logical conclusion to the problems we are facing.

Prove me wrong? I f you can’t, then help building this new Israeli institution. It is really the key to make Israel survive in the long run.

G-d bless the will to make Israel safe.

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