How to fix things

Change is, to me, to understand the theories that our forefathers made in their situation, and then reapply new theories to tackle the situation you are in today.

Take Marx, he lived in an age, where the industrialization began. I think all agree, that the industrial Great Britain needed Change in their time. The Workers were living in terrible conditions, and even his eminence, Winston Churchill admitted this, and Changed it.

I dont know if many people know, but Winston Churchill was a Socialist in his younger days, and put in the wealth fare state in the UK.

Today however, the problems are not that Workers are living in terrible living conditions, but the fact that the European Union doesn’t have a clue about political architecture. So, taking a bit of Socialism and a bit of Democracy and then let the Banks run the rest, is a bad idea.

You need the philosophers to run the show. Because we are the ones who actually know how to make a political system.

You know, if you have a house where the roof is leaking, the floor is half rotten, the staircase fallen apart. What do you do? You call a carpenter to fix the house.

So if the carpenter tells you you need a straight staircase, a new roof and a new floor the what do you do? You look at your purse and see if you can afford it, you do not plot how to kill the carpenter. That is a stupid strategy, sorry.

So, there is only one carpenter available in town, that is me. So, instead of trying to kill, look at your purse, and see if you afford my services.

Off cause, it will not cost you anything to hire me. But it will cost you, if you do not get your house in order.

You cannot afford it.

So, I will help you, but stop being so stuck on knowing about carpentry. You DO NOT know anything about how a house is supposed to be build, you just need a place to live.

Leave it to the professionals who took a long education, worked as a carpenter for a long time, and then as a result actually know how to fix a house.

If you then follow his instructions, down to the very letter, you may just end up having a brand new house.

You want oaken planks and a brand new kitchen, no problem. Just DONT KILL THE CARPENTER!!!

G-d bless the will to be humble in the face of realizing, that you know nothing. But that will make you the wisest guy in Athens.

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