The main enemy of the Obama administration was ISIS. We did that, because these guys are a murdering lot. But also because by pointing out precisely the extremists of the muslim world, that most other Muslims despise for their radicality and lack of humanism, we protected most other muslims.

So it was a win win.

In this fight, we had a tremendous help from most of the world, and specifically the Kurds, that fought so bravely against the Islamist. They fought for humanity and human rights.

Today, nobody really remembers them, but they are left with all the islamic state fighters in vast camps on their territory.

This is something I personally belive to be a great shame, but I also believe, that it could be a possible way to remake the American leading role in the world.

If the Biden administration picks up the fight against Isis, it could actually draw some of the other power with it.

So where do we stand with Isis?

First of all, it is not over. Isis still holds vast alliances around the world. Not least in the Middle East, where Turkey is still a direct donater. This is off cause unacceptable, and should be fought, vigourously.

At the same time, a lot of the European countries, and not least the European Union itself have been playing a double game.

I have been persecuted by the state for many years, and that was because the secret police the “KGB”, secretly supported ISIS.

It has been unofficial, but lately PET, as it is called, is more open with its direct support of Isis. They have just launched a pro isis campaign within Denmark, and are, again, trying to put the pro democratic fighters down.

Add to this, in Mozabique, they have just opened a new front.

So they are not beat, and they still have allies, not least my own country, sad to say, that tries to create a safe haven here. As an example, one of the fighters, that have actively raped, killed and murdered Kurds, lives in a secure environment here in Denmark. See the picture attached, at the same time, the PET is actively trying to put down pro democrats.

One of the difficult twists of this, is the fact, that the brave Socialdemocratic PM of Denmark, ms. Frederiksen, is hardpressed by the PET to support Isis, and she is really in trouble.

How we deal with this is difficult, but at least the PM knows this, and have the power to change the prioities of the PET, if she is strong enough.

Maybe a warm hand from the Americans would serve as a good support, after all, we are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse here, so to speak.

Anyway, regaining an international coalition against Isis is a good way to create bonds and share values. We fight for at humanistic/democratic world. Against slavery and a deathcult.

G-d bless the will to fight for a better world.

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