imageThe conflict in and around Israel is theoretically quite simple to understand and act on, but in practice extremely difficult.

We are suspended between the material world and the spiritual world. The material world drags at us all the time, an, as Adam, we are often seduced into eating the apple.

We however, if we want the cherubs to keep the gates of paradise open, have to understand the ways of the material world to act in accordance with the will of spirit.

Putting up a screaming horde of vigilantes, marauders and evil men in front of us. Is that the act of Eve or of Adam? Well it is quite clear to me, that the snake in paradise, that tries to lure us away from the wise path is the marauders. If we follow their chant and their seductive manners. We will act as them, and are then cast out of paradise.

The material world should be treated as it is; something to keep away from oneself, something that will always challenge us as a nation and as a people. Something we can only win over, if we see through all its schemes.

At the end of the day what we are really fighting about is the moral high ground. The Palestinians, Hamas, are trying to drag us down to their level, in order for us to lose standing in the eyes of international standing. They actually did succeed to some extent with the murder of the poor Palestinian boy, but looking at the overall fight, it is clear that we stand on the high moral ground.

The atrocities they are doing in Iraq right now, the ideology of international Sharia and Islam, the will to be unscrupulous, far outweighs our faults.

So they need to drag us down, otherwise, they will lose the game of international politics.

The best way to win, is doing exactly as we are doing now, standing together, remembering who we are, what we are here for, supporting each other, using this lesson to learn what we can be in times of danger.

Never to be reduced to the level of whoever who wish us to kill innocents to abuse our might, but to be humble and thankful for what we have, and strive to reach the realm of spirit in the face of the dangers around us.

We will not succumb to the level of murderous idiocy and chaos that the Palestinians wants us to do, we will keep our covenant with spirit. And through our understanding of the world will we prevail.

When Moses brought us out of Egypt, he did not do it unwisely or weakly. He was a very, very strong man. He did it by understanding the ways of spirit and making a strategy that eventually conquered the world. I believe we should remember his example and use his ideas of long term planning and audacity in action. He would have wanted that, for after all, is it not his dream we are trying to complete?

G-d bless the will of the Jews.

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