Now, we have made a huge loss in Iraq. A state that we thought, unwisely we see know, that we could turn into a well governed state. We should have been much more clear on our priorities and now we pay for our faults.

But, if you enter into a fight, you need to be ready to take punches, that is the way fighting goes.

We have to rethink our strategy with the new situation, and hopefully regain the momentum.

The stakes are high, and the fallout of the conflict has the potential to alter our known world, at least seen from a western/eastern perspective.

But let us take the positive things first. We are still in some kind of cooperation in the northern world, including Russia and the US. Had we not been, matters would have been much, much worse. The conflict with The caliphate of Iraq is so much more dangerous to us all, that it will take the attention, and put the Ukraine conflict to rest. I really ache for the poor Russians in Donetsk and Lugansk, but the winds of war are blowing against them. I cannot help anymore, and I, with a bleeding heart, recommend a truce and a cooperation with Ukraine in the interest of peace and reconciliation.

I am so sorry, I wished for your independence and perhaps in the future it will come, but as things are right now, it will probably not come.

I will, however not forget you, and if there is a chance in the future for a solution that will ensure full rights for all, I will fight for your cause. To the Ukraine side, I understand you see this fight for at fight for your territorial integrity. But at least see the plight and needs of Russians and give them full rights. Give them right to speak their own language, and right to pursue a understanding of their own culture.

Turning back to Iraq, there is one issue we really need to think about. We have responsibility for our allies. The Shias are our allies of convenience, and as I have always said, I like and respect the Shias. But the Christian minorities, that is the Assyrians foremost and the mendeneans secondly, we need to protect them. They stood on our side in the Iraqi war, and we cannot abandon them now. They are, rightfully, very angry with us because they feel we have abandoned them. We need to protect them and give them shelter.

Otherwise, we are in the phase of renegotiating our own strategies, and we need to scrap the ideas we have had so far, and think anew.

The loss is really not, right now, that large. But in the long run, the implications for, especially Europe and Russia, is very frightening. The Islamists are very strong in both areas, and are, as we have seen, absolutely ruthless.

They are already, to some extent, working their dreams of the globate caliphate in these areas, with some of the same methods, but they will probably increase the physical pressure, and that will be felt, both physically, but also in terms of political organization. Will the EU survive this challenge? Will we see an increase in extremist ideologies in these areas?

We will see, but we will also have to be ready for another round in the ring. We got a knockdown there, but we need to pick ourselves up, and get in the ring again.

G-d bless the will to regain strength in the opposing of enemies of terrible actions.

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