The ancient people

imageI have had a long story of digging into the maw of the Middle East, reading about the Hittities, the ancient Egyptians, the long walk of the Jews, the nascent Persia and the courageous bedouins. There are still some remnants of this ancient world. People long forgotten by the world, living on the edges, still holding on to ancient lore and an identity that brought us what we today call civilization. We recall Babylon, Ur, the birth city of Abraham. Some even know that ancient Christian and Jewish scrolls were written in Aramaic. The thing is, these ancient peoples still exist, and we even work together with them. As the Assyrians and the Armenians.

Today they are Christian, but originally they were inventors of the law and democracy. They invented what we today see as our own ideas.

Now, they are in harms way. Because we conquered Iraq and allied ourselves with them. First the British then the American. After the British left, a genocide was conducted. They payed a heavy price for the collaboration they did with us. Now the situation is the same, or worse because the new master is Isil. A caliphate on a vengeance.

Now Americans are pulling strings to try to calm the loss down. Well I think that is a good idea, but it will not save the Assyrians and the Armenians who are living in Mosul.

They are our friends. We can’t just leave them alone. At least we should help them materially, and give them some shelter and food. We owe them that much.

Perhaps one day they can have their own little spot of peace in the Middle East, their own democracy. Something we can support ideologically and with good conscience.

Today politics is about credibility. If we just say one thing and then do another thing, people will lose faith. But if we are honest and support our friends, people will gain faith.

G-d bless the will the help a good friend.

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