Germany won an astounding victory over Brazil. Being a fan of both countries, I like Germany; Hamburg, Coburg, Berlin, I like Brazil; Salvador, Rio, Fortaleza, I really find the win both amazing and cynical.

First of all, Europe is back. Football reflects the national strength in terms of organization, morale and spirit. With Germany and Holland reaching the semifinales and now the finale, the mood of the countries are good. As well as the organizations.

This spells for change in Europe, and we will see, but to my mind, it will be a change for the better.

At at the other hand, beating Brazil so much was cruel. It was not necessary. It reveals another side of European mood, the relentless pounding of enemies. It has happened since Europe was invaded by Danes four thousand years ago, Celts felt it, the Americas felt it, the world felt it under the rule of the empires.

This relentless action will be the downfall of the Islamists. They deserve it by all means, but there is no quarter given to them, or will be. It will be a truly devastating scene.

But Brazil. One of the most beautiful countries in the world, that gave us samba and joy in the sun. That grieves for all its poor people, that used so much of its limited wealth to try to show its colors and wave the flag. Why did we have to punish them? That was cruel, and that was not fair.

I hope we will learn from this in the future, not to abuse our might, but to use it wisely and to protect not to dominate. For one, I am sorry for Brazil. I hope you will rise again and find yourself again. The ressources are there, it is a matter of getting focused and use those ideas emblazoned on your flag, for you to follow. Order makes progress, remember that and that will lead you out of misery.

G-d bless those who win with grace, and those who lose but rebound after the defeat.

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