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If we look at the confrontation in Israel, we need to see it in connection with the other actions the Muslim brotherhood/Al Queda/Isis have done the last few weeks.

The MAJOR operation was the annexation and consequently plundering of half of Iraq. The SMALL operation was that in Israel. The proportions are quite simply not to compare. Therefor the conclusion is quite obvious, the real important action for Isis was not to attack the three boys, it was to take a piece of territory it could use as a base to spread its ideology.

In other words, the attack on Israel was more a diversion than a real threat. While everybody look upon Israel, they have time to consolidate their power in Iraq, remove obstacles, regroup, get stronger.

And, it worked.

Right now Christians are raped because they do not adhere to their subordinated role in accordance with the Islamist ideology. They can only do this, because everybody are looking somewhere else.

We need to get focused, at look the right way, and that is where the action really is; in Iraq. Christians are killed and the sharia law is put down people’s throat. A peaceful and humane Islam is pushed to the background due to the absolutely horrible actions done by Isis.

The ancient treasures of humanity that is in the Levant are destroyed.

We are taking about the cradle of civilization. Where the polis idea was invented, the wheel, the law, religion, science, and writing.

If we lose this gem of humanity to a bunch of fanatics, we will be condemned by the heirs to our world, for not being awake enough at the right time.

The core of the problem, or rather those who suffers the most right now, are the Assyrians. Heirs to tradition of Ur and the Akkadian kingdom.

If they disappear, the world will truly be a poorer world.

G-d bless the ability to think straight and act in accordance with reason and honesty.

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