In these times of chaos and destruction one perhaps needs to remember why we are here, and what the purpose of religion really is.

There are basically two confronting mechanisms in the world; the loving part and the hating part.

Love is the means to construction, while as hate is the means to destruction. We are all one, but sometimes we forget it.

When this urge comes over us, it clouds our judgement, and we are all fired up by the wish to seek revenge. Both in families and nations, these feelings are always destructive. After the action is done, we look upon our relationship or our nation, and we see that something is broken.

That is why most philosophers advice temperance, not to be weak, but to act wisely.

Justice can be many things, but central to most understanding of justice is the fact that it should bring the society onto a more positive path, not a negative path. By protecting the weak, or by bringing more health to the society. Therefor justice is not an easy thing, it is a complicated thing, that takes a lot of reflection and is something we wish for wise men and women to do.

G-d bless the justice of the birth cradle of civilization called today the Middle East.

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