The confrontation with Hamas/Fatah is really not going that well, we are all upset, and in this climate of anger and frustration we are not thinking clearly. Our feelings rule our actions.

We mourn for the teens, and we are filled with anger and a wish to “get back” on Hamas.

This is exactly why Hamas did the heinous act, and if we do it, they would have won. They are using our own weaknesses against us.

Nobody sets the same high moral standard for Hamas as they set high moral standards for us. Why? Because they are not the chosen people, they were not the one tribe that was chosen by spirit to spread the light of the creator. We are.

So, we need to act in accordance with what we are supposed to do, otherwise people will not accept our claim to make Israel.

According to Kabbalah Israel is the holy nation. This is really what it is all about. Israel is not a piece of land, or just somewhere we live, it is one great temple.

In a temple, one does not kill people, but keeps the peace.

I would like to lash out and get back on Hamas, but if we really do it unwisely and without a plan, it will backfire.

What we need to do, is to think. Make plans. Not shorttermed plans, but long term plans.

We will never have peace with the Gaza stripe, but we can move them somewhere else, where they are not in the vicinity, so that they are unable to take our youngsters away.

We need to think two, three, four years ahead, not just act on the spur of the moment.

G-d bless the temple called Israel.

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