It has been a few weeks of nightmarish proportion for the people of Israel. The threat of elimination of the poor teens have been a terrible situation. And now it came to nothing all the money spend on investigation, all the searching, all the heartache, no consequence. The realization of the fragility of young people of Israel is terrible.

The threat comes from Hamas, but to really counter it, one has to see the complicated threath, and act in unison with our allies.

The threat is actually not that large anymore. We are talking about an almost isolated Hamas, the core of Sunni rebels without much support, and a host of allies.

Securing the borders of Israel is therefor not that hard.

First of all, I would recommend Israel to try to reach out and get a consolidated and coordinated handling of Hamas. Egypt is also very keen on stopping them, and there might be other in the Middle East that would like to help settling the matter.

Hamas still have a few friends in Europe and in the US. These should be considered, but not given any control.

The pressure on Hamas should be gradual and not sudden.

If a deal with Egypt could be made, a slow suffocation could be tried. Not on food and medical appliances, but on weaponry and money.

They are weak, and could be slowly forced to give up and move somewhere else, but it should be done in accordance with everybody else. If Israel just thunders in, we will loose too much international support, and we are very dependent on that.

G-d bless the families of Gil-Ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Fraenkel, I hope they will carry them in their hearts for all of us to remember.

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