I think we can conclude now on the first two three years of the work done here on rubicon in relation to Israel and the work of peace.

Basically peace did not jump out of the box and settled everywhere in the world after the internet appeared and man could understand all of what happens. On the contrary, more conflicts appeared because man all of a sudden realized how they were treated and who actually tried to harm them.

But, Israel has had a very positive impact on world politics. This is in relation to the awareness of principles that could lead to peace, help where we could be used, but most important; as a peace broker in real conflicts. One thing is the good feeling of progress and peace, another thing is the actual bridge building between parts in conflict. I must say, I was extremely worried about the conflict in Ukraine, sometimes I though perhaps everything was lost. But due to the good will of both Putin and Obama, what could have turned into a large scale conflict was avoided.

Here, we in Israel helped in the understanding and brokering of peace.

The same goes for the conflict in the Middle East right now, the purpose of advice and strategic consideration is not to blame anybody or lead to some power surplus. This cannot happen, it is about finding a way to stop the war and eventually find a balance between the warring parties in the Middle East. This being one of the hardest task there is in world politics.

So this is the reality. Man will not change over night, there will be no absolute reign of spirit on earth, but there will be a voice for the spirit that will be trumpeted out in the world for all to hear.

This is what Israel is really about. Not a phantasy, but a real institution with real men and women that work for peace all the time. Take our covenant serious and use our will and power to the betterment of man.

It is a new, beautiful temple we are building, something our children can inherit, something we can pass on to new generations and hopefully see strengthened over time.

G-d bless the endurance of the peace workers.

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