The European Union

The European Union has come to a halt. The entire process up to the election of Juncker was marred with internal fighting, lack of progress and some very esquisit political handling.

I, for one, am quite impressed by the skill of Ms. Angela Merkel. She is a good politician. It never went her way however, and ethically there is no doubt that Mr. Cameron was the one person who actually took the different constituencies serious.

As Paul Kennedy had propheticed, The European Union is not imbued with all the mechanisms and sound principles that will lead to success. China is, and hopefully both The USA and Russia is, but not the EU.

It seems to me quite clear, that what we can aim at however is a Northern Union. I know that this is a wish of many, especially the Scotsmen, and why not? It would recreate the Viking empires, and that is something the voters will like.

We will see. The systems are preparing for a turnover. The English system is in the forefront of this development, and will continue to tear the European Union into pieces.

At the end of the day. I do not understand why the Eurocrats have been so arrogant. Acted as though the european voters were small children to be put into their rightful place. Using the wip all the time.

Maybe it was because they wanted it too much? If you want something too much, you never get it. If you take it a bit more easy, and actually listen to the voters and the people, you could have handled it much better, now it is just down the slide.

G-d bless the will to listen to what people actually says.

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