Often politicians think too much about money, and too little about ideology. I suppose it is because this is often what politicians really do; make budgets and control the flow of the money of the state.

Socialism is really born with the focus on money. Karl Marx was an economist who had a warm heart for the workers. But he did not care much for G-d.

So as a natural tendency, socialism has focused on the mundane world and not so much on the spiritual world.

This is changing, and it has brought forth a new paradigm of economics. It is usually defined as “obamanomics”, but it is much more a liberal version of the economics of Adam Smith. Smith really defined the ideas that fueled the expanding British empire. But due to haste or simply bad luck, the political world did not really grasp the true balance of Smith, and it is basically this simplemindedness that we are suffering with today.

Because, freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.

Thus the natural consequence of this progress is the rebounding of Smithsonian economical ideas, but in a more complete way.

The conservatives have normally based their economical philosophy on Smith, and this, naturally, leaves the liberal side to choose the other side of his philosophy. Conservatives choose the freedom, the liberal chooses the ethical part.

This new way of seeing things is a whole new paradigm. It is the replacement to both Marxist economical thinking and Keynesian economical thinking.

Now what will we gain by going back to the ethical Smith? First of all, we will gain economical progress. We have seen how the production has moved out of the nations, we need it to move the other way. Secondly it brings balance in the relationship between the liberal political ideas and reality. Businessmen are not evil, some parts of business are corrupt, but not all, and it is much better to support the healthy part of business instead of fighting all kinds of business. This will bring harmony to the nations, because businessmen are really tired of all the vilification, and, honestly, often it is misplaced.

Lastly, it will bring the liberals a true tool to actually bring gains in terms of economical progress. Not that the free trade mechanisms are bad, they are working quite well. But the new tool will bring new progress to the liberals.

I hope so at least.

G-d bless the will to understand people and shed all the prejudice one might have.

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