Middle East

If we take a look at the current political situation in the game of world powers, it is, more or less as follows.

First of all, the world is truly united against the Sunni rebels. That is Al Queda in collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban.

This gives the world a respite after the catastrophic developments in Ukraine, where the new world order of peace was seriously compromised. Only due to the fortitude and great and grand heart of mr. Vladimir Putin was the confrontation eased and did not end up in a major conflict. Thank you so much for that mr. Putin, had it not been for you, we would have ended up in a conflict that could have spurred the world into total destruction, thank you.

Isis/Al-Queda or whatever you call it has attracted a lot of attention. Why? Because it is not a local militia, it is a part of the Muslim Brotherhood led network of opaque players, that has reorganized after the loss in Egypt, and has proven a resilient opponent.

The network is basically buying into all the wrong places. First of all it plays into the Syrian conflict, where it has now expanded into Iraq. Here its main armed forces are concentrated, as I have read, around 15.000 troops. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. It also has a prominent precense in Gaza, where it is the founder of Hamas. It has a widespread network in Europe, and it is still present in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Not to mention its precense in the North African Sunni states.

It has hit now in Syria with Isis. In Pakistan with the siege of the airport. In Gaza with the abduction of the three teens.

The action in Pakistan did not give them much in terms of attention, but certainly the abduction of the three teens and the Isil action has proven effective, at least if you count in international attention.

Now, to recap. Really what we are dealing with here, is just the natural pushback by Al Queda after the loss in Egypt. There is no aim other than just the show of force, and a possible base station to use as a place for regrouping and possibly some revenue.

The overall goal is total domination by Islam, and that has just moved further away, because now the entire world has been scared even more, and, realistically 15.000 troops can scare, but not dominate more than a small area somewhere in the world.

So they have all the odds against them, and they are pitting themselves in for at final last stand.

I recommend a swift and decisive action, but an action that will aim a protecting the civil rights of all that are in the line of fire. It should not be a confrontation to dominate, but a confrontation to free the civilians, women, children, Christians, Muslim and Jews who are not so ready to live under sharia law.

G-d bless the will to survive in conditions that are harsh and difficult for the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization.

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