Israel and Iran

imagePlease Benyamin Netayahu. Please look at things at they are. Right now, everything is going the right way. Israel is safer that ever, its enemies are fewer and we are closer to realize the mission of Israel; to be the light upon the Nations, in fact we are there already.

Looking at Iran, there is no doubt, that Iran can produce nuclear weapons, and the only thing that is holding them back is international pressure. In fact making an atomic warhead is not that complicated. So they have had the ability for quite some time now, but was held back by Russia and by the international pressure.

So, if we are realistic, there is only one real way to turn the tide, and that is if Iran, by itself decides not to be in possession of a nuclear bomb. It is the only way.

This way is the way I and Barack Obama have tried to pave. It is not finished the entire process, but the path IS there. As the wise clerics say themselves, it is a matter of trust.

We need to build that trust.

You see. Do you know what Israel and the Jews really are? We are the only culture that has consistently, stubbornly and eternally fought the attempts to crush Middle East culture. This is the story of the Jews, over the fights with the Greek, the Romans and so on. We have been standard bearers of the lore of Babylon, Egypt and Assyria.

We never gave up on them, and now we have come back. This is what the rest of the countries are slowly realizing. We are not an alien element, we are the ones, that never gave up on them. This pride is theirs to own as well. This is why they love the Jewish prophets as Daniel and Ezekiel. That is why they love David and Abraham. Because they represent their own roots as well.

If you know this, you can speak to them not as enemies, but ancient allies.

G-d bless the peace we are winning

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