Lest not forget

There has been a difficult time for mr. Boris Johnson. Some leftwing extremists have sought to hinder his advent as a political leader, and the new Conservative guard in the face of mr. Farage, is also not happy about the idea that a true conservative leader will be in number 10.

You know Boris, as mr. Trump says; it comes with the territory. These are the things that modern politicians have to endure in these days.

Do not let yourself be put down, or in any other way feel threatened by this. But carry on the lightning torch of humanity and strong feeling for the country of the Great Britains.

Lest not forget the wider vision of what we are doing. It is more than just Brexit, it is the reermengence and rebirth of the British common wealth, that some still see as the Empire.

The empire is not what it used to be, but with the right leader, it may just have a comeback. Not as an expanding cultural rule, but as a solidification of the English spirit and thought.

Let Oxford live again, let the buttresses of the ailes shine with light of the coming empire.

Let English culture regrow and spread its wings again.

It may be a quaint old spinster, some say. But deep underneath, there is that tremendous personal strength. That tenacity of a people hard hit with difficulty and bad things all in all.

It has happened before, as is can now.

That the spirit of the people, will turn the tide of the destruction, and fight for another day. For another millenium, for another day of peace.

G-d bless that wonderful English people of the hardhit and yet immensely strong spirit of and island, let it prevail.

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