Merry Christmas and happy Hannukah

Well, merry Christmas and happy Hannukah dear reader. Things have finally turned in terms of downward og upward spirals.

Finally the UK is free from the EU, and have made a deal. That is good, for everybody. Perhaps not the Danish fishermen who live where I live here in rural Denmark where I live, but essentially for everybody else.

It seems to me, that when we finally get out of the Corona lockdown, we have a lot of things we can do, and a lot of projects we need to embark on.

First of all, both the UK as well as the US is in a new position, a position, where we have a positive outset, and hopefully can join forces. I really hope that for one.

There are massive challenges ahead. The first and foremost being the fact, that the overpopulation of the world is destabilizing everywhere.

Phosphor as a nutrient to the process of making crops is running out, and we will see starvation and after that wars within the next decade.

Migration being a core concern, that we have to tackle humanely and forcefully.

There will be massive conflicts along lines that will appear, be it this or that religious or political denomination. At the base of the conflicts we will see, will be overpopulation.

A complete crash is actually imminent. As soon as a destructive ideology takes over an area in a vested grab for power, and the food industry suffers, the country or area collapses. You have seen this in former Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, where the farmers were slaughtered in cold blood, as of now the whole country is filling up with deaths of its citizens.

Rhodesia is the model we are currently following, and we will all die, if we do not change course.

In the West, in most countries we have woken to the fact that that is the problem, but we still are not in agreement of what to do.

Essentially the whole overpopulation brings so much suffering with it, that we cannot stomach the things we have to do to survive.

We prefer delaying the final outcome by bending to the process.

Well, we have to wake up to the fact, that the earth is dying, and we people are the disease.

Here again, I do not believe, that we should be mean or treat people badly, on the contrary we need to realize the best possible outcome. We need to think about mother earth and what it brings us of joy and good things, but we also, as humanity, need to think about the problems we pose to the ecosystem of the earth, and be honest about it.

Just letting people wander around the globe as they want to, is not a solution for the long run. Even though we prefer having the strength of the many, we still need to realize, that there is a breaking point and be honest about these wanderings, and stop the wanderings that are unsustainable.

It is cruel, the world is a cruel place. When people flee from environmental catastrophes, and war in general, our natural instinct is to help those in need. But if it destabilizes the country they enter, then nothing has been won, and another country may fall to overpopulation.

What we need is as many wellfunctioning countries in the world, producing as much healthy food as possible.

Instead of solving our problems by evening them out, we need to take the bull at the horns, and keep food production evolving and improving.

At the end of the day, there is going to be war over territory, for the food it produces, and we need to enter these difficult times with strength.

These are the challenges ahead. I know, that looking at these things straight is a difficult thing to do. But to solve a difficult problem, you need to start being honest about it, and take the best possible way.

The next decade will be all about climate change, and how we challenge it in a wise and serious way.

It will be immensely difficult, not least in terms of fighting those territorial wars. But that is the way the world is developing.

Climate change is not a peaceful thing, it is a very, very violent thing.

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we look at the world in realistic terms.

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