National unity

We need to unite Europe, but on a national level. How do we do that? We do it by combining a true national superstructure, with a serious conservative bend.

Nations tend to fight each other over past grievances. As we see it in Ukraine. Old scars open up, and people are aggressive and want to “get back” on some past loss or power struggle.

This will lead to endless feuding and not peace. This has to stop.

We can do it, by constructing a superstructure of a conservative basis, with wise old men, who can lead us to peace.

In the time of the antiques, there we many advanced methods of organization. The most conservative was the Spartan way. Here twin houses of kings held sway over the Spartan constitution for over a millennia.

It was advanced, because it had checks and balances, and we see in for instance the American constitution with an upper house as and a lower house, keeping things in a balance.

If we construct an international organization we can copy the system of the Spartans combined with the system of the grail knights of England.

Above the round table of the nations a special draft of wise nights drawn from the Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta could be installed. So that this draft, let us call it the Ephors, as in Sparta, could act as the mediators between the nations who may have conflicts in this or that situation. A bit like I have tried it in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

A strong and just gathering of the noblest of Knights.

G-d bless the peace we may win.

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