Things are happening pretty quickly these days, one of the best things, to me, is that we have turned down the volume of the anti russian rhetoric, and started to wheel NATO towards a more terrorist focused aim.

This is huge. I still believe that we should not forget Eastern Europe. They need our assurances as well. They a family.

But, the focus of NATO on anti islamist work has some pretty huge implications. Because, as Germany has just showed, IS is not only dug in in Iraq and Syria, but holds a lot of power in Western Europe. The crack down on several jihadi mosques shows this.

What we then have here is a mix of internal as well of external policies. Internal in the sense that these terrorist reside and live inside Europe, so normally they are under the jurisdiction of the police and not the military.

Here we have som legal issues we have to work together on.

In all probability internal as well as external forces will meld together to some extent, we just have to be absolutely clear on the how and whys. We are talking about using military forces in our own territory.

We also have to be realistic about the extent of the threat. It is as much mainstream mosques that are a problem as more extreme mosques. We have to be honest about this. Otherwise we plan without knowing the terrain.

So, well done gentlemen and gentlewomen, well done.

G-d bless the will to be honest and strong.

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