New developments

As Europe Change its priorities, we need to ask ourselves; what about the European Union bureaucracy?

As I see it, we need to reform it. So that it is much more flexible, more focused on each country, and work for the betterment of each citizen.

This process is possible, and I can do it. But the problem is, I need ressources, that is money, and the ability to talk to the involved parties to help here.

I have been trying to push this option in the form of a think tank. I have a good friend who has connections.

This is my prerequisite to embark on a reform process.

I will not do it just here from the blog. My advice would be based on too thin knowledge. I need to know the mechanics of the European Union from the inside to come with any serious advise.

We have the possibility to make something that would actually work, but for me. You need to give me acces to the maw of the system.

So, I have been trying to push the idea of a think tank, if this does not succeed, well we have to do without the framework of the European Union or see where it drifts too.

But, to do it right, we need to base these reforms on deep analysis and deep political/philosophical thought.

So, I hope that the leadership of the European Union are open for some kind of work.

I happen to be a nice and very civil person, I think. So I hope these aristocratic traits of humbleness and civility will make it work.

Anyway, please. To be serious about this next phase of European development, we need to able to work together and solve these terrible, terrible problems.

I will help, but you need to let me in.

G-d bless the will to be humane in the face of great upheaval and problems.

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