New movements

Well, things are going in the right way, but it has come in a jump that I didn’t expect. 

First and foremost, England is tearing itself free from the banking elites amateurish project of the EU. Amateurish in terms of political philosophy. 

That is good for England, and from here on the Brits can decide for themselves. Good, that wonderful and strong people can find its own footing and prowl on in the world again, not burdened down by these amateurs. 

Secondly France is rejuvenating itself in that classic French way of the revolution. I hope it is not too bloody, but I doubt it. Just remember to find light at the end of the tunnel. 

Thirdly there is Israel, that has been caught in a precarious situation after Trump has redrawn a great lot of his troops from the Middle East. It makes sense, IS has been beaten, more or less, so why are still there?

At the other hand, our allies thrown at the mercy of our enemies is not a good thing. So keeping a keen eye on the Kurds and Israel is important especially if we are going back in. These guys are our friends. 

We should not be naive, they have abandoned us in the past, and will do it again if they see the need. In the times of the crusades, they actually abandoned us at a very crucial point. 

But, we should still give them the support they need. 

When it comes to the Christian minorities of the Middle East, this is a new priority that we actually share with Russia. 

A common ground may be possible to find there? There are numerous vulnerable minorities like the Yazidi, the Christian Assyrian and the Copts. 

People who are in harms way. I know that this is a priority for the Vatican as well as the Anglicans, so a good collaboration could be seen in this area.

Last but not least, we see that Europe as such is getting free from the idiotic decisions made by the banking elite. 

We want to be free from all these international organizations. We did not ask them to come, and honestly, the situation that they have put us in, is a booming and apocalyptic situation with only one solution; war.

That was the opposite idea of the whole project, so it is time to get on with our lives, and stop this destruction of the international elites. 

G-d bless the international peace we can have, if we are strong and honest enough.

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