When we look upon the peace offer to Israel, that is supported from the upper echelons of Iranian society, one thing is certain. The offer is there. You can discuss whether it is sincere, the limits of it, if it is a ruse and so on. But one thing remains certain; it is there.

Now, seen from a Jewish point of view, peace offers are always difficult. We are used to prolonged wars, and a stubbornness when it comes to these wars and persecution. The end result is often a half win and a half defeat. Always Jews have beaten the odds, but then again always at a horrendous cost. Latest in the Shoa, the persecution by Hitlers Germany.

Now, this gives us a great advantage, but also a disadvantage, we are not good a taking the peace offers we get.

I myself is the worst, I have few friends, and very little family, and my own life is filled with warfare of this and that kind. In the close vicinity of my life, political and spiritual.

Now, I have voted for peace. Let me explain why. It started with the Cartoons really. The entire world went into flames, and Danish cartoons were set aflame. This let to a civilized alliance between the US and Denmark. I contributed with some ideas, and strategic proposals. We have come far, Obama and I. Through the Arab spring, the first arduous days of warfare between Syria and other nations. But the largest victory was really the victory we had over Ahmadinejad. It was a diplomatic victory, we foresaw the moves of the vile and crafty minister of Iran, and we beat him. Plainly through ideas, and diplomacy.

Now, the good thing about the victory, was a bridge built between the US, Denmark and the wise clerics of Iran. The clerics respected the election process of Barack Obama, and we respected the election process of Rouhani.

The basic deal was, as I see it. That Barack Obama promised peace, and relieve of the sanctions, the clerics promised the same. Peace.

Now, looking at Persia, there is one thing that Persians long for; the days when Persia was the cradle of civilization. The days of Cyrus the Great and Zoroaster.

Why? Because like everybody else in the world, Persians need respect and acknowledgement.

So, the end result of this long and prolonged process is now. The Persians want peace, Obama wants peace, and in the middle is Israel.

Now, why did I engage in the process of peace. First of all, it was to defend Denmark. That was the outset, then, as the process evolved it turned out to me. That the other fight I have been fighting, the fight for G-d is reflected and extremely important in the Middle East, I decided to try to reflect that wish in the nations of G-d.

This is not a wish I did myself, I have been spurred on on this quest, through hardships I can’t even understand that I have overcome, almost perishing on the way. But it was something above us all. It was not me, often I have wanted to leave everything and sail away on my boat. But the light of spirit urged me on.

There is something we need to accomplish in the birth place of G-d. That is the rebirth of that G-d that came from the Middle East.

We need the world to understand the depth of spirit, the mission of spirit, the world of spirit, and we are all chosen to do that. In light, in storm, in hardships unimaginable. We are commanded to give back the world the understanding of G-d. This is the fruit we can reap of this process.

Now, talking about in practical terms. I understand Israel, it is a dangerous road we are entering. But I believe we should be realistic about it, and just make sure, that there are serious and clear checks and discussed action taken on specific occasions.

Look at it this way. If Iran promise us something, we need to make absolutely clear which steps to take to reach that goal. There should be concrete milestones on the way, and everything should be supervised by an international body of experts.

Now, the process should be transparent and something all would agree about.

Realistically we have much to win and little to lose. If the process does not work, well, we can just take it a step back and reinstall the sanctions.

The basic structure of the peace deal should be serious and functional.

This will leave us breathing space to solve some of the other problems we have.

Now, this does not include giving away land in Palestine, this negotiation is a different one, and not one I personally initiated.

This is the deal, if it works, Israel will be in an even better strategic situation than before.

G-d bless Israel, the bringer and home of G-d the blessed.


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