imageWhen we talk about a renewed progress in the Middle East peace process, we need to know what really kept that mojo running in the first phase of the mr. Barack Obamas presidency, well after reflecting quite a bit about it, and reading first class theory about it, I realized where it came from, it came from change.

What is change. Well your can look at it from many different angles, one is the Alinsky angle, one is the spiritual angle.

According to the spiritual angle change is going away from the material world and all it’s demands and entering a spiritual and ethical world.

In other words. We need to see the world as it is. We are, in the day to day living embroiled in the fights we have to keep our material belongings for ourselves. If we live without justice, this fight ends up in the rule of the strong, and what we call the rule of the jungle.

In this area rests the devil. Sometimes we need to fight it.

Change however, is to let go of the material world, and enter the world where people are good, and we treat each other with kindness, mercy and love.

These two world are in a constant fight, and as Jews, I think it is wise, if we are to put forth a good example, and be the chosen people, to realize the work of the devil, fight it, but keep up the evolution of Change.

Change is a continuous process, that will never end. World peace is an ultimate goal, and we will reach it eventually, but until then, we need to struggle and push the process, millimeter by millimeter.

There will be setbacks, there will be wars, there will be suffering. But we need to give mankind hope for the future, so that they know, that it is possible to make a world, where we actually life side by side in peace.

It’s a mental progress, not a physical progress we are talking about, when we talk about peacemaking.

G-d bless the will to make peace.

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