The process of a unified monotheistic religion should reflect all the three monotheistic religions. Islam, Christianity and judaism. But how do we actually do that?

We do it by going back to the roots of the shared starting point; Eden.

What is Eden? Eden is really the first city of the fertile crescent. A place, where all, or most civilisation comes from. It was, actually called Eridu.

In the bible, or rather in the old testament that is the Thorah, we hear beautiful stories about such things as the ark of Noah, Sodom and Gomorra, Babylon and … Eden.

So the memory is still there, but the content of the lore that we lost in following years, our of total neglect it is hard to find.

In the ancient times, there was a set of lore, or understanding that the Assyrians called En. It contained all the principles of government, religion, science, and so on. We lost this, but this book that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago, and really blew my mind, made me realise, that someone actually took their time to preserve this lore and, in secrecy made it available.

They are called cabalist. Jewish learned men, who have kept the En secret since the time of Babylon and Eden.

They have this tree, aptly named; the tree of Eden. This is the clue to the origin of the lore. It could be called, the tree of Eridu.

In the meantime, the whisper of the faithkeepers have been thee. You know about the magicians, saying “Abra cadabra”, well that is a reflection of Kabbalah. Kabbalah has existed as an undercurrent of our society for all time.

The thing is, the lore of Kabbalah is a way to power. Huge power, magic some call it. But really it is a system of mind control. A very, very ancient system of mind control.

We have a watered down version of the system in the West, introduced by the cabalist, and Jew, Sigmund Freud; psychology. Many of his basic psychological principles are obvious cabalist ideas, just simpler versions. Like the character description of a soul or a psyche. According to Freud it had unconscious, will and moral. But according to the cabalists, it also has a spiritual part above the ethical layer, and a layer below the unconscious, that I do not really understand yet.

Anyway, this is the true source civilisation in cooperation with Egyptian lore.

You drink of this source, and you can change the world. But, we have to be careful, too much drinking, and we get intoxicated.

I have a very good relationship with some of the Jewish cabalist, that I am proud to say, that I share values with, so I will coordinate with them.

But, the true knowledge of man, true civilisation, will be what will create a basis of all three religions. Rather it is the basis, we just need to make it available again. With this, the monotheistic religions can rise again, and have a moment of peace.

G-d bless the wisdom of the cabalist.

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