Many Jews are a bit worried about the renewed violence of the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Rockets are flying again, and the frame of a new intifada is shaping up.

I would not be so worried, in fact, the thing that the rest of the world is not really caring, is a good sign. It is because, there is less hatred towards Israel. Consequently people do not get so exited about renewed violence.

Just take it easy, put up more security, and design new weapons to meet the resistance.

Do not despair, everything is going in the right way for Israel these days. We need to be able to have joy over what is gained.

In the old times Cabalists were not that respected, because it was a lot of promising and no result. Look at what has already been obtained in the Middle East; alliances with the Sunni, and a possible peace with the Shia, add to this the alliance with the Christian churches. This is proof, that things are moving in the right direction.

G-s bless my second home, and my longing; Israel.

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