In the ongoing crisis in Europe regarding the migration from Africa and the Middle East, it is time to take this serious. We need to understand, that we need to move, now.

I do not like the European Union, I thinks it is against all that Europe traditionally stands for; human rights, transparency, the rule of the people, the rule of law, and so on. But right now, we have a problem that is pan European; the migration. We can point fingers, or we can do something about it.

The plans to repatriate the migrants with no legal claim on refugee status should have our maximum attention. It should be done within all legal frames, but we need to do it now, otherwise Europe, and the European Union is doomed.

What we risk is an overflow of illegal migrants that will start fighting the legal system itself, start taking houses, food, women and so on, with out the control of the authorities. This will eventually end up in smaller migrant fiefdoms in Europe, probably in an islamist mould.

These fiefdoms would eventually start fighting the rest of Europe, guerrillastyle, or rather, this process has already begun with the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and the like.

This is the end of Europe as we know it, and all concerned countries are right to be concerned, even Saudi Arabia, that will, eventually be sucked into this cauldron of decay and warfare.

Most migrants are sunni muslims, and adhere therefor, ultimately to Saudi Arabia.

So it is a race against the clock, all civilised countries are motivated to control this problem, and it should be on the top of the agenda, and it should be done decisively.

G-d bless the providence of the mighty, and the humbleness of the righteous.

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