Concerning the evolution of the Anglican Communion, we need to understand, that what we need is more than just faith. We need faith, but we need to be practical as well.

Faith needs instruments. The Anglican theological evolution is so beautiful in its understanding, poetry, the search for beauty and spirit. But this is a dead end, if it is the only tool in the toolbox. The toolbox should be expanded to include more practical tools for the reverend.

To my knowledge, there are two main traditions that could be of interest; the Vatican and the German/protestant.

The Vatican is in its essence Etruscan when it comes to organisation, that is disciplin, and Greek when it comes to metaphysics. There are off cause Jewish lore, Egyptian lore and even Persian lore in the depths of the Vatican treasure trove, but in the end, it is Roman/Greek in its true constitution.

This includes true metaphysics, that is Aristotle and Plato. In fact, this was what I really tried to convey at the symposium at Oxford; a Platonic, metaphysical perspective. An attempt to bridge the gap between metaphysics and moderne physics through the teacher of Plato; Anaxagoras. This tradition will give the depth and elegance that will attract the rest of the Anglican church to Oxford and Lambeths Palace. It is about level and brilliance. The brilliancy of the teaching will attract. You need to make a well of wisdom, that the commune can drink from. Put me in as a lowly teacher somewhere, and I will be happy to help create that deep, deep well.

Concerning German theological thought. This is a bit more practical, it focuses of the relationship between people. Arguing that G-d is in between the I and You. One of my favourites is the German/Jewish philosopher Buber who analysed the relationship between man and woman, G-d and self, son and father and so on and so forth. It is truly a Goethian, romantic view, that is truly inspiring. We have it here in Denmark with Kierkegaard as well.

But you need to create a well of wisdom that the Anglican community can drink from, then they will come and make peace in-between all.

G-d bless the Anglican community.

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