There is a lot of discussion, especially in the liberal part of the American political world about Denmark. Hillary Clinton even said, that she loves Denmark. Guess what? We love you too 🙂 The thing is, we as you are, and yet we are different. But the similarities far outweighs the differences. We are older and smaller, this gives us another way to organise things, a more conservative view on the world, and a rooting, that is both good and bad.

Seen from my perspective, I love America, because, you are not so polished, and equal.

This is the same as Denmark, we are not so refined, but we are stronge in a simple way. When the Anglo-Saxons need their strength, they use us as their well.

But, how can we use eat other, as good friends should? We can do it by inspiring each other. One thing I really love about the US, is the frontier spirit. I believe, that Danes have been a part of that move, because many Danes migrated to the US at the time of the frontiersmen. But that belief in a new world to be conquered, the vast possibilities, the hill to conquer and a world made more prosperous, that inspires me. We have been here for five thousand years, and continuously shrunken. The faith in a possibility to find new frontiers and win them, is inspiring.

Another thing that inspires me, is the freedom of the cowboys. The feeling of the vast expanse, and the freedom it gives you. It reminds me of the danish sailing culture, where we are still roaming the vast seas, looking for adventure and new shores to know.

Then, we can perhaps give you, the Americans, a deeper understanding of what you are.

Take the yankee spirit. This restless striving for something better. The long haul. This is what you are, and have always been. We have a tendency to plan ahead for many years. We are not whimsical, but dig in, and work, until something has been wrestled out of the country or we win something. It gives a tendency to live in the future, and, sometimes, make us forget the here and now. But this is the basis of capitalism.

So, friendship should be mutual, something we both prosper on.

My family used to go to the Rebild gatherings. A commemoration of the shared bond between the US and Denmark. We should strengthen this. For all of us to prosper from.

G-d bless the beauty of the United States of America.

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