Concerning the Anglican Synod coming up in february, you may consider one basic theological trait;we are all connected.

In the current synod in the Vatican, this is explained and realized in the fact, that family is the house of G-d. G-d will have to have his playing field somewhere. It can be football, it can be community work, it can be family. But he has to have it somewhere.

Consider this in the upcoming synod of the Anglican church; where is your playing field?

Then there is another theological principle I have been saving for the synodical process in the Vatican.

Well, to really understand G-d we need to understand it in a metaphysical understanding. Plato believes, as he proscribes in the Timeaus, that Anaxagoras is in the right mind about G-d. This is the deepest we get as metaphysicians; Timeaus with Plato.

So Plato points towards Anaxagoras as his mentor and his ideological framework. What did Anaxagoras tell us about G-d?

He tells us, that the union we all share, is something that comes from the intelligence that we came from. G-d is intelligence that is in-between all. When we are born, a little piece of the G-d intelligence is peeled off from the collected intelligence and fused with matter.

We, however, always long for the union we had with everything else, before we were born. This is the source of love. The longing to be in union with all around us.

This is why it is so important with the family. Because, with this, we emulate, as the ancient Egyptians, the world of G-d, thereby getting closer to what we were.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians, and Greek.

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