Birds on the roof

Things are starting to get up in gear, everywhere, where I have had the opportunity to put my mark, or rather to try and help. Israel, Europe, the US, Russia, and especially the Middle East.

Denmark, is also in tatters. Yesterday someone threatened to kill the PM, and the chaos is growing rapidly, as most other West European country.

The European Union is tattering at the brink of destruction, and my ideas are only there to buy a brief respite. It will give the European Union a few more years, but unless the Schengen is stopped and a more amenable relationship towards the nations tates is found, it is over.

One good thing for me personally though, is the prospect of a renewed career in public service. I have, successfully, been taken in as a member of the Conservatives here in Denmark. That is a centre leaning conservative party. In the same mould as the Conservatives in the UK, more or less. My books are for review in Gyldendal, my old publisher, and if all goes according to my wishes, I can actually publish again, and thus save the public sector from total ruin. But this is only “birds on the roof”, as we say in Denmark. Probabilities.

I however have to ramp up my productivity, because things are moving rapidly, so I have to follow.

G-d bless the industrious and benign.

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