Way forward

The_Kabala_Tree_of_LifeThere is a lot of things coming into place these days. The entire plan is coming to fruition. First of all, it is with great happiness, that I see Germany finally shedding its shackles of the second world war, and finding itself again.

The understanding of Germany as a normal, but very strong country, is good. We need to continue down that path.

Secondly, I believe that the uprising of IS has united us all in the opposite direction of IS itself. It has become a mirror that we see ourselves in. As IS is murdering and destroying ancient artefacts, we decide to do the opposite, it has become a witches mirror as H.C. Andersen would call it.

Thirdly the entire faith system of the monotheistic religions are uniting in this understanding. We have to recognise, that in order to survive we have to fight the abomination. But in order to survive with our own moral intact, we need to shelter our own humanity. In this sense the challenge will make us better.

In the older time in the halls of Heliopolis, humanism was born, again we see a small window of it coming back.

To be humane is not to be peaceful in a naive way. We need to fight, as we do. But it is always to try and find that middle path of mildness, that lie in-between severity and charity, as the Kabbalah teaches us.

G-d bless the wisdom of the root of all three monotheistic religions.

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