Ok, let’s have a look at the current dealings from a Palestinian Arab perspective.

What is really wrong?

What is wrong is the ORIGINAL sin made by some of the first settlers of Israel. They purged the land of Arabs by doing all kinds of nastiness.

Poisoning wells, driving the Arabs out of their homes. Most ended up either in the West Bank or Gaza.

That is REALLY the root of the matter. The heirs to that crime are the freedom fighters in the tunnels, they are fighting to right that wrong.

So, to make a peace deal, that will actually meet the true needs of the Arabs, this injustice has to be met from the Israeli side.

How to you do that? You do it by COMPENSATING the Palestinian Arabs. Paying money for the land that was stolen, giving back some of the land, and so on.

That is the only way, that we get to the root of the problem.

Add to this, make some PRACTICAL installations in Gaza, so that the Palestinian Arabs are truly independent. We have done that in the US by making som extra laws for the territories where Indians live and so on.

The US knows how this is done.

If we do that, we right the basic wrong.

G-d bless the will to find a way to end this horrible war, and the injustice done in the past.

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