Peace in Israel

It seems to me, that the Israeli defenseforces are slowly gearing up for a final showdown in and around Gaza.

These are my recommendation.

1. Get green light from Trump
2. Make sure, that the process for a relocation of the Gazans is as humane as humanely possible. Avoid bloodshed at all costs. One thing is of cause the ethical part of war, it should always be as humane and unharming to all civilians as possible. But there is also a strategic reflection. The Gazans will try to play the media with pictures of small children getting slaughtered. So we have to avoid that. If they fabricate some pictures themselves, which they will undoubtedly do. Be ready for a gruelsome fact check of the picture, and show that it is just what we refer to as Palliwood.
3. Make plans for the land that is left behind the Gazans. I have proposed a land that is administered by the Israeli government, but given out freely to all the faith communities of the world. Without regard for Israels enemies. I mean, make a place everybody can make a church, synagogue or mosque in the holy land. We are supposed to be the peacekeepers of the holy land, being impartial to all the different faiths, thereby making peace.
4. Give this win to Trump if possible, he deserves it.

G-d bless Israel.

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