Peace settlement

Concerning the Middle East negotiations for a peaceful solution to the problems with the warring factions of Islam and Socialist in the vicinity of Israel. I propose the following.

First. The solution should reflect the power of the different attendants. The real power of the attendants are not the people who life there, but the persons behind.

Second. I propose an inclusion of Christian attendance in the actual system we construct.

This would ensure a much more stable solution to the problems, and it would therefore bring peace in the long run.

There are three distinct areas that we discuss. First there is the Gaza Strip, secondly there is East Jerusalem and thirdly there is The West Bank.

Each area should meet different criteria and different solution.

Let us start with the Gaza Strip. In order to eliminate all future combat from the Gaza Strip, I propose a complete relocation of the inhabitants to the West Bank. It should be done orderly, with adequate help, and in good spirit. The relocation should be done in the farthest corner of the West Bank.

This would ensure. 1. No more rocket attacks. 2. An area that could be used as a small state where the different religions could establish headquarters, and make inter religious dialogue. A kind of super university of religion could be established there, and all three monotheistic religions could find common ground and perhaps inspire each other.

Next there is the West Bank. Here I propose a 50/50 deal. Israel includes half of the territory into the Nation of Israel itself, and Abbas takes half and makes another mini state.

This reflects the current territory held anyway, and Abbas has, historically not a better claim on it than Israel.

The most delicate discussion is however not Gaza or the West Bank. It is East Jerusalem. This area is much more sensible in terms of power over. Because it is the birthplace of all three religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Naturally all three religions will want a piece for itself. For peace to settle over The Middle East, all three religions should feel that they have an equal share of the holy city.

This calls for an act of balance. And this issue is not about the current Arab population but about Islam, Christianity and Judaism itself.

I have an idea that might work.

I propose a new state. This state should be governed by all three religions in unison. The purpose of the state should be to create a shared territory, where all three religions have access.

It should be governed by the highest officials in each religion.

Ultimately it should be governed by a prince or a king, that would reside over all three religions, thereby creating a single person who would be both a Jew, a Muslim and a Christian at one time.

The mechanism would be as followed; a body of representatives should be made. One from Shia Islam, one from Sunni Islam. One from Catholic Christians, one from Orthodox Christians. One from traditional Judaism, and one from enlightened Judaism.

This council would have the ability to choose a king. If a draw, a new candidate would have to appear.

In east Jerusalem, the best of the best scholars of all three religions would convene and discuss. Add to this a seat of diplomacy, and complaints and strife would be possible to address.

Each representative would also have the ability to hand out a certain number of citizenships for the state. All should be equal.

Defense of the state should be conducted by the state of Israel, but a full serving special platoon of a the best trained men in the all three religions should be formed and serve as a lifeguard for the king.

This is my proposal. May spirit guide us on our path.

G-d bless the peace we may win.

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