Ok this is just a warning to my readers, whom may be able to help me out.

For the time being the Danish KGB called the PET is really amping up the pressure. I am getting out of their grasp, they feel and they are getting desperate.

Desperate people du desperate things. So, my fear is, that they are going to attempt a “Lars Vilks” assassination.

That is, kill me by driving a car into me or something like that.

I know, that this terrible, and by showing the world, that I am aware of the threat, it will diminish a lot.

But, if the CIA or the MOSSAD wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on PET and maybe have a discussion with them about the problem, I would be really grateful.

Thanks guys.

G-d bless the will to be honest about the threat I am looking into, and help Denmark stop a VERY grave mistake. G-d bless the peace we will find eventually.

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