Plan B

Ok, we need to talk about what to do, if the Rafah opp does not bring about the fall of Hamas. It might, and it might not.

So, just if it does not work, then what?

There are essentially three options, one is to continue the war, and hunt down more Hamas operatives, go into the tunnels and so on. Essentially continue the operation as we have been doing. This has the effect of alienating the entire world, bringing about an Israel with no back up. It may work, but for how long?

Second option is to make my solution, which essentially is to remove all the civilians out of Gaza, put them in a safe place, and then finish Hamas from that point. I don´t really get, why we shepherding the poor civilians from south to north, they are living mostly in refugee camps anyway, why not take them away from the fighting and harms way?

Third option is to make a deal with Hamas, and essentially loose the war.

So, looking at these options, we have to do one of them.

The first will only go until there are no more weapons in our arsenal or we are overwhelmed by the anger from the everybody around the world. All Hamas has to do is to keep on going on.

The second is at least a new strategy, so it will work to some extent. Still Hamas is dug in, but we take away their best card, which is the suffering of the civilians, so their bargaining position is weakened a lot, bringing about the end of the war much faster.

The third option will come, if the Netanyahu government falls, and that is getting more and more probable as we speak, why? Because we are so far into the war, and realistically Netanyahu has failed the protection of the country in the first place, so his claim on leadership is getting thinner as we speak. This is not to be against mr. Netanyahu, I am just trying to figure out what our options are.

They are getting very close to a breaking point. Options one and three are the most probable. The cracks are showing in the government. Netanyahu is an excellent politician, but his leadership is disliked by the majority of the public, so there is a problem there. Essentially it will end sooner or later, and Hamas seems to be holding on pretty well.

So we have to hope, that the Rafah app will work, otherwise we are really in a lot of trouble.

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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