Now, I am very much against the whole race discourse.

Why? Well, essentially the system or idea about race, takes away any personal freedom the individual has, and judges people by something he or she cannot change, the color of his skin.

That is taking all possibility of making your own life, and make something out of your life based on your abilities.

But at a more profound level, I vehemently oppose the idea of race, because it was a part of the colonial control system. Just as when the banks controlled the colonies by giving them loans, the inhabitants of the colonies were treated as subhumans based on their skin color.

It put the white man at the top of the food chain and the black man at the bottom of the food chain.

So, when you continue banging that drum of race, all you do is to repeat the control system, in a new way.

Giving people of color preference in the system, is just turning the control system upside down.

This does not mean, that we should not help poor people, but they should not be judged by the color of their skin, but on what they do.

The US has ALREADY changed its mind on race, the independence wars was about race, because it essentially was against the colonial control system. The founding fathers wanted to build a nation without regard to race, thereby giving the people freedom.

To be honest, and I say this as a man color, because I am not white, the founding fathers came up with a system, that gives people the opportunity to be free, and find their own way in life.

They dreamed about a perfect society for everybody, white, black, everybody. A place where people were NOT judged by the color of their skin, but by the actions they do.

I stand for that dream, as it is mine.

So that is what I have fought for, my whole life, and I am not about to change that attitude, whatever you think. I will not accept that my little brown daughter is different from my little white daughter. Just because they have different skin color.

It is a vicious idea, and the very idea is what is wrong to me.

G-d bless the will to see the world as a place, where we can be judged by the actions we do, and not the color of our skin.

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