Well, these days it is all about racism. Racism this, racism that. To understand what this is all about, we need to understand who is behind. It is the European Union and the international bodies of law.

They see it as a protection against their ideas of international cooperation and the idea of a United Europe. In their twisted minds, all who are supportive of the Nation are racists. I mean Barack Obama, when he supports the American constitution, was he a racist, or when Aristoteles talks about a polis, a nation in the Classic sense, was he a racist?

The point is, it is often, just a bad excuse to vilify and persecute all who are not for their corrupt plans. These days in Denmark it has reached absurd heights with a young poet, born a Palestinian, criticizing OTHER Palestinians with stealing and abusing the social system.

Now he is accused of racism. I mean, he is the same race as the one he is critizising, so how can he be accused of racism?

Because, basically, it is not about race, it is about control and the protection of the citizens EU thought was a good idea to plant in Denmark. If we threaten them, or basically anyone not of a European “race”, they will be branded racist.

It is ridiculous, and the entire system is almost breaking under the ridiculous application of their oppression.

The double standards are absurd. We put people in jail for not being tolerant!

Anyway, it is coming to a conclusion, and hopefully after this absurd circus has ended, something more rational and professional will do in our beloved nations.

G-d bless the light of the Nation.

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