Rasmus Paludan

Ok I have reflected a great deal on the current events in Israeli politics, and in the way that conservative politics is moving in general.

Maybe I am getting out of fashion, that may be, and honestly, it does not really matter much to me. I mean, it’s not that I get much out of it other and total persecution all the time. So, to me, the advent of the more radical shift of conservatism to something a lot more sinister, than my mid leaning conservatism, will not really be a problem to me, but it will, most certainly be a problem for humanity.

Let’s have a look at it. As I understand, the core of the right wing right now is that they despise gays, and want to get rid of all Arabs in Israel.

Seriously, how is that going to affect the relationship with all the countries around Israel? I get it, the Arabs in Israel are not always playing by the book. Ok, so they must be caught, put to jail, and ultimately be prisoned. But I mean, genocide? Seriously?

I know, that the humanistic, democratic idea is not perfect. I know, that we should have a kingdom, and a wise king. One day we will have that, if HE arrives. But the thing is, we have to wait.

The other thing is the king is supposed to bring peace, not war, and then how are we, if we prepare his arrival with a monster war?

We should, as I see it, slowly but surely, try to transform the Middle East, using our skill, to change the relationship. This does not mean, that we should accept killing of innocents, rockets and so on. But we should play the game deftly. Erasing Gaza is not playing the game deftly, that is a score in our own goal.

In Denmark, after I controlled the islam critics, this guy Rasmus Paludan took over. I don’t have any control over him, he is a maverick and continues to provoke. Ok, that is his right, at least until recently. But the ONLY result of all his provocations is less succes for the islam critics.

While as, when I was at the helm, we had several massive successes. But it was done with finness, a lot of political skill and just through wisdom.

So my advice and honest experience, is, if we start all this power play, it will be very bad. It could, if it is not controlled, be the end of Israel.

So take it easy guys, calm down. Mr. Netanyahu is a skilled politician, he has the support of the US, to tackle Iran. If he does that, he can actually make peace.

And honestly, what is war if it is just for its own sake?

I know, people want fast results, but war and diplomacy are two tools in the same toolbox, and if you don’t play these tools with skill, we will be like Rasmus Paludan.

G-d bless the will to be players of a deft and skilled game. G-d bless Israel.

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